‘For The Love of Food’ is all about good food and anything and everything related to good food.

I love to share my good and not so good experiences and recommendations of great vegetarian food, in and around the city. I like clicking my food as much as I like eating it.

I follow my passion for food, travel, and photography when I am not occupied with software engineering.

From where it all started

Extensive use of TripAdvisor.com to plan my visit to Malaysia, post my marriage in 2009, inspired me to contribute and share my experience with fellow travelers.

Then enter Zomato.com, on the recommendation of my wife in 2013. The well organized and precise food/restaurants discovery platform helped foster my passion for clicking and writing about food.

View my food journey on Zomato!

And now, I am here, trying to scale my passion to a new level with a dedicated blog and social handles.



I would like to hear from you! Get in touch with me at FTLofFood@gmail.com.


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