The Brioche Trio @ McDonald’s

Once in a while on lazy weekends, we like to have breakfast from McDonald’s.

In the usual breakfast menu, the crispy Hashbrowns are a little oily but great in taste. Try them with canned baked beans. McMuffins are also worth having once in a while. Pancake with maple syrup and butter may not stand a chance when compared to its authentic counterpart but not that bad either.

Today morning when I opened the app to place an order, I found some new entry in the menu. Brioches.

Brioche is a French pastry made with egg and butter and is used as breakfast, dessert or snack item. Brioche has a tender crumb and is a little sweet.

More on Brioche:

With an expectation that this will be far from the authentic one, we decided to try all the 3 varieties, namely, The Veg Brioche (Corn and Spinach Brioche), The Hashbrown Brioche and the controversial The Dosa Masala Brioche.

All the 3 brioches had glazed bun and were little sweet. The little sweetness can be identified only when the bun is tried alone.

Corn & Spinach Brioche 2
The Veg Brioche (Corn and Spinach Brioche)

The Veg Brioche had corn and spinach patty and was a little spicy.

Hash Brown Brioche
Hash Brown Brioche

The Hashbrown Brioche is essentially a hashbrown burger with mayo and other condiments. If you like McD hashbrown, this will not disappoint.

Double Patty Dosa Masala Brioche
Double Patty Dosa Masala Brioche

The Dosa Masala Brioche has invited a lot of flak on social media but if the taste is what matters to you, this will surely surprise you with a great masala dosa flavoring. In no way I found it disrespecting our all time favorite dosa or masala dosa. If we enjoy Manchurian Dosa/ Schezuan Dosa and Pizza Dosa, why not a Dosa Burger?

All the 3 Brioches were worth giving a try if you like McD burgers.

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