For that little pause – Pause Wines

Life can wait, as they say, a little pause in a life that is constantly in rush hour works more than just a stress buster. That’s the philosophy behind Pause Wines which has 100 acres of vineyards in Nashik and now has become a prominent name in the Indian wine industry.

For me, that little pause came bundled as two bottles of Pause wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and Indian Pearl.

Cabernet Sauvignon also known as the king of grapes is a french origin and most widely recognized red wine grape variety. The Pause Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied deep red wine. The tantalizing aroma of blackcurrant and berries triggers the senses while intense tannin of the wine engulfs mouth leaving a spicy aftertaste.

The Pause Indian Pearl is a white wine made from special blend of selected grapes. It has a fruity aroma, sweet fruity taste with a soft spicy aftertaste.

A glass of wine or not, friends, family or alone make sure to take a little pause!

Click here to know more about Pause wines.

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