Mysore & Coorg #1: Pre-Trip Musings

Mysore-Coorg trip during February ’17 was a result of my inaction to book Mumbai-Udaipur flight tickets on time in December ’16. The prices increased by half and my VFM conscious conscience did not allow me to go ahead.

This was supposed to be the first vacation with our soon-to-be-three year young son, barring a couple of weekend trips nearby Mumbai. The inaction I referred to earlier had less to do with ignorance than reluctance, induced by my son getting down with fever whenever we planned a trip around.

But the flight ticket prices overweighted the reluctance and one fine evening we found ourselves planning the itinerary.

Coorg is 4.5 to 5 hrs continuous drive from Bangalore and this being a tread-cautiously trip, we sneaked in Mysore in our itinerary. Another reason for Mysore was the Mysore Zoo.

Coorg is a district and has primarily two locations for tourists. Kushalnagar and Madikeri. Coming back to Bangalore from Coorg would again be tiring, so we let Mangalore too sneak-in the itinerary for an overnight stay.

The Itinerary:

Day 1: Mumbai – Bangalore – Mysore

Day 2: Mysore

Day 3: Mysore – Kushalnagar (Coorg)

Day 4: Kushalnagar – Madikeri (Coorg)

Day 5: Madikeri

Day 6: Madikeri – Mangalore

Day 7: Mangalore – Mumbai

Next was the selection of accommodation options. What can be better than Trip Advisor for the same.

Mysore: Ruchi The Prince

Kushalnagar: Coorg Jungle Camp

Madikeri: Serene Woods

Mangalore: Ginger

Bookings were done and the countdown started, so was the preparation!

Next: Day 1 – Mysore Sightseeing

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