A great weekend starter – Timbuctoo, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai

When it comes to having drinks and dinner with a group of friends, that doesn’t cost a bomb, Timbuctoo and Pop Tate’s require no introduction. Be it food, drinks, ambiance and prices, almost everything is comparable. The only major difference, I felt was the loudness of music, which is too high in Timbuctoo. Prefer Pop Tate’s, downstairs, over Timbuctoo if you are catching up with old friends as the loud music will be a great disturbance. If you are there to start a weekend with usual friends, both serves the purpose.

What can be a better start than a jug full of LIIT. 5 whites and a dash of cola chilled over a heap of ice just gave a great start to the evening while my friends settled with Caipiroska, Manhattan, Old Monk and Kingfisher.

Melwyn Fries, Bruschetta and Chilli Cheese Wedges were the perfect companions to the potent drinks.

Farmer's Wish
Farmer’s Wish

Loaded with corn, black olives, jalapenos, onion, green pepper and cheese, Farmer’s Wish is a delightful veg. pizza.

Thai Curry (Red)
Thai Curry (Red)

Red Thai Curry made from coconut and steam rice marked a good finish dinner.

With great ambiance, good food and cheap alcohol, Timbuctoo, just like Pop Tate’s is one of the most preferred weekend starters.

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