A Vegetarian Heaven – Cream Centre, R-City, Mumbai

When it comes to vegetarian food, especially for pure vegetarians like me, this place is a no-brainer. You get all the choices, ranging from Indian, Italian, Mexican, under one roof. Order anything from the menu and there are small (if at all) chances of disappointment.

The ambiance is much better and elegant than the Chowpaty outlet (the first and 57 years old iconic eatery) and so is the service.

One can’t miss to afford some of their signature dishes like The Big Nachos and Chana Bhatura.

The Big Nachos
The Big Nachos


World's Best Nachos
World’s Best Nachos

With towering nachos and baked beans, veggies and oozing cheese as a base, this is undoubtedly one of the best nachos you get in Mumbai. The same can’t be said for their World’s Best Nachos. With just Nachos and loads of oozing cheese, it is a lighter variant of The Big Nachos.

Chana Bhatura
Chana Bhatura

Chana accompanied by almost a football size fluffy bhatura is perhaps their best dish.

Karari Khari - Three Khari
Karari Khari – Three Khari

Another not to be missed items is Karari Khari. We tried the Three Khari variant which has 3 different toppings. Corn Nachos Jalapeno, Chili Cheese Subz and Paneer Tikka Masala. All were worth giving a try.

Herbed Chili Cheese Toast
Herbed Chili Cheese Toast
Peach Iced Tea
Peach Iced Tea

Iced Teas are inconsistent. Sometimes truly refreshing and sometimes loaded with sugar syrup.

Mexican Fajita Sizzler
Mexican Fajita Sizzler

Mexican Fajita Sizzler was a platter full of flavors that included of fresh vegetables, corn sauteed in Mexican herbed tomato sauce, buttered coriander rice, beans, potato chips, tortilla chips and corn cheese balls.

Grill and Herb Pizza was better than the ‘delivery expert’s’ pizza as you do not end up chewing the dough.

The food here may not rate a perfect 10 on authenticity but as long as taste on Indian palate is concerned, it indeed rates very high along with unmatched value for money.

Don’t Miss: The Big Nachos, Chana Bhatura, Karari Khari

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