Rooftop Experience Par Excellence – 1 Above, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Indeed a thoughtful name for the newly opened rooftop bar and sheesha lounge. It’s not just the place, the service and food make it one above.

We were invited for a pre-launch event 2 days before the place throws open for public. Lighted walkway enticed to think about how the place would be which left me spellbound once I entered. As they were yet to open, I could easily see a couple of last moment fixes being done. This is rather expected specifically because I was on time for the launch event. The open-air ambiance with music and lights was true to the mood.

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What was not expected was almost flawless service, worthy of appreciation for an yet to open pure vegetarian place. The menu was not disclosed and we were served chef’s selection in food.

Drinks had choices and I started with Whiskey Sour which turned out to be a good mix to start with. Selected my all-time favorite LIIT next. The standard mix of 5 whites and cola combined with cool January breeze on the rooftop made a potent combination.

Kheema Pav

Kheema Pav

Food started rolling with Kheema Pav, a slider bun filled with soya stuffing was the star dish of the day.

Nachos with 4 dips
Nachos with 4 dips

Nachos were served with 4 dips. Crisp and thick, capable enough to put mass marketed verities to shame.

Bruschetta Platter
Bruschetta Platter

The Bruschetta Platter had 3 topping varieties and all were great in taste.

Sushi Platter
Sushi Platter

The well-arranged and photogenic Sushi Platter had 2 varieties, avocado and cream cheese sushi and avocado, tempura and eggplant sushi. I literally couldn’t stop eating while trying them with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger slices.


The oval shaped thin crust pizza served with capers as sides would have tasted better if served hot. The coldness dampened the flavor which otherwise would have been mouth-watering.


The last dish was perhaps the least liked. A platter Corn Seekh Kabab, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Aalo stuffed with chili and mix veg, Brocolli in mustard mayo. Not that it was not flavorful, perhaps the other dishes were better than it.

Visit for an excellent ambiance combined with equally great vegetarian food and good service. Wish they continue doing the same to stay 1 above all.

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