The Barbeque Grill, Centre Square, Vadodara

Only a handful of restaurants in Vadodara has got live grills option with a great buffet spread. BBQ Grill does it right.

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 It was a family get-to-gather over lunch and pre-booking helped us get the right table to fit our entire family. In the evening, it would be nice to observe the hustle-bustle through the window while still being secluded from it.

The Grills
The Grills

In the grills, the options were Vegetable 65, Gold Coin, Paneer Achari, Live Pineapple, Ajwain Mushroom, Pudina Aloo, Arbi Chatpati, Chilly Mustard Corn, Cajun Spicy Potato.

Grilled Pineapple
He was more than happy to entertain our repeated requests for grilled pineapple

Gold Coin, Live Pineapple, Ajwain Mushroom and Cajun Spicy Potato were an instant hit among us. Special mention to Live Pineapple. Our apprehension of how a grilled pineapple would taste took a surprised flip. The barbecue sauce marinated grilled pineapple was the most liked items in the entire family.

Live chat counters served Pani Poori and Papdi Chat.

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Main course had plenty of options but I remained restricted to Baked Pasta with Macroni, Pad Thai Noodles and Thai Red Curry. None of them disappointed me.

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In desserts, there was made to order stone ice-cream including other assorted desserts and all were up-to the mark.

All-in-all, a good place if you wand plenty of food options, good barbecue grills and up-to-the-mark food.

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