Dadimaa No Varso, R-City, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai

It’s difficult if not impossible to have Gujarati food and still be light on stomach primarily because of the ingredients and uncountable varieties served in a Gujarati Thali. There was always a gap when you want to eat some specific Gujarati dish and not want to go on full Thali. Dadi Ma No Varso fills this gap by a-la-carte Gujarati Food and some of the dishes I always missed being a Gujarati.

We started with Panki and Stuffed Khichiyu Balls.

Panki and Stuffed Khichiyu Balls

Panki and Stuffed Khichiyu Balls

Panki is made by cooking batter between 2 banana leaves.

Click here to see: The Making of Panki

Stuffed Khichiyu Balls are an innovative variant of the popular khichiyu, made with rice flour and more popular as papdi no lot in Gujarat. Commonly eaten with condiments like oil, methi masala(pickle masala) and salt & chili powder. The Stuffed Khichiyu Balls had stuffing of pigeon pea (a.k.a lilva/tuver in Gujarati) and tasted little undercooked.

Special Thali
Special Thali

Overall, the place has good Gujarati food and worth considering as a replacement to a heavy Thali.

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