Mojo Rising @ Cafe Mojo, Andheri (E), Mumbai

Misjudging traffic, especially in Mumbai, punishes you severely but on a fine Friday evening, it showed me it’s opposite color.

 I reached the venue, Café Mojo, Andheri (E), a little earlier than expected and got an opportunity to get myself introduced to the concept of E Beer pub (more on this later) and a walkthrough of the much larger than usual sized pub and bistro. The café has a regular pub, outdoor sitting, roof-top sheesha lounge and a small private area.

 India’s First E Beer Pub:

Café Mojo is India’s first E beer pub chain where patrons can purchase a pre-paid card and use either beer vending machines or tap right on the table to get chilled beer on a touch of a card. On tap are Foster, Kingfisher and Bira.

 The café has dimly lit ambiance, a big screen for sports and a live DJ. The indoor section turns into a dance floor after 10 PM with great numbers of Bollywood and international music.

 We were invited as a part of the blogger’s meet and were offered pre-fixed menu and drinks. Beers, vodka, red and white wines were available at our disposal. I would have liked to see cocktails, at least, to appreciate the talent of the bartender.

 In a pre-fixed menu, we had C3 Balls, Pesto BBQ Mushroom and Farmhouse Pizza slices as vegetarian starters.

C3 Balls
C3 Balls

Cheese, Chili and corn were the primary ingredients and hence the name. The outer shell was crispy but overall it was dry. The mayo dip didn’t help either. The cheese, chili and corn filling was bland in taste.

Pesto BBQ Mushroom
Pesto BBQ Mushroom

The best starter among all the three specifically because of the pesto which had a distinctive pine-nut like flavor. A must try dish if you are ok with mushroom.

Veg. Farmhouse Pizza
Veg. Farmhouse Pizza

The thin crust pizza slices topped with capsicum, tomatoes, onions and cheese along with pizza sauce made a good pair with Shiraz of Pause winery I was having. This good could have been great had it been served hot.

In main course buffet was arranged outdoors and had Papdi chaat, assorted bread and cheese, veg. Alfredo pasta, Parsley butter rice and mash potatoes along with assorted cakes for desserts.

Papdi Chaat
Papdi Chaat

Papdi Chaat brought an Indian flavor to the European-dominated menu.

Toasted bread would have made a better pair with the Veg. Alfredo Pasta. Parmesan and cheddar cheese were cut and stacked as cubes which are not the perfect to pair with sliced bread. The whole cheese portion with a cutter or already cut slices of cheddar and parmesan would have been better.

Veg. Alfredo Pasta
Veg. Alfredo Pasta

The Alfredo Pasta was great in taste. It had right thickness and taste which even international chains fail to balance.

Parsley Butter Rice and Mash Potatoes
Parsley Butter Rice and Mash Potatoes

Mash potatoes were bland and tasteless. Not sure why it was included. It didn’t even go with any of the other dishes.

Parsley Butter Rice was excellent in itself but again, nothing to pair it with. If you are found of plain rice, this will not disappoint.

In desserts, we had an assortment of cakes. The bite-sized brownies were great in taste. In other two cakes, we had a fresh and not so fresh tasting combination.

If great food is not of a primary concern, this is a definitely a cool place to hang out with your gang.

Recommended: Pesto BBQ Mushroom, Parsley Butter Rice, Veg. Alfredo Pasta.

P.S.: I was invited by the FBAI and Café Mojo for a bloggers meet.

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