Brookside Dark in Review

Whenever someone from our US office visits us, they bring a bag full of chocolates for the India team. This is how I got introduced to Brookside Dark center filled chocolates and when I saw the same in a local store, I bought all the 3 flavors to try them out.

To my surprise, they are not imported and are manufactured in India under license from Hershey Canada.

The 3 flavors are…

  • Pomegranate
  • Blueberry & Acai
  • Raspberry & Goji

While Pomegranete, Blueberry and Raspberry are common to us, Acai and Goji are something new. A little search on the internet helped me get acquainted with them. Acai berries belong to Amazon rainforest and look similar to blueberry and Goji is a far-eastern fruit.

Brookside Dark deconstructed:

All the 3 flavors have a distinct taste of their specific fruit center. I felt even the outer chocolate layer is flavored. The dark outer chocolate shell, which constitutes 40% of the tiny choco ball, is mere 30% dark. It is smooth and tastes good too but dark chocolate lovers, who like it bitter or bittersweet, are going to get disappointed.Brookside Dark

The center part which is 60% of the whole construct is a flavored jelly. Similar to Mahabaleshwar jelly toffies. Surprisingly, the actual respective fruit flavor in the jelly is minuscule 0.2% to 0.4% with Papaya flavor constituting 9.7% in all the variants. (Source: Ingredients detail on the packet)

Brookside Dark Deconstructed

You may not get disappointed if you are ok with fruit flavor in your chocolate but if you like it simple and detest anything coming between you and your dark chocolate, give this a big miss.

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