Luscious cupcakes, Cup-a-Luscious, Mulund (W), Mumbai

Mansi wanted a rainbow cake for our 7th anniversary and she discovered this one. A quick scroll of Feedback on Zomato was enough to decide and order cupcakes with 7 colors.


They accommodated our request of cupcakes in different colors. On time delivery and elegant packing were a bonus to the visually appealing cupcakes. The package also had small props, for the occasion, which can be set on the cakes.


We ordered cakes with 3 different bases, vanilla, chocolate and red-velvet. The ‘melt in the mouth’ fresh cream topping on the cake had perfect sweetness. The bases too were soft and balanced in sweetness.

The cupcakes have struck the cord with the right combination of quality, taste and visual appeal and scoring high on all the fronts. The icing on the cake, oops… cupcake is, they are homemade rather than factory produced.

My next order is going to be the Dessert Jars.

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