Oktoberfest @ True Tramm Trunk, Juhu, Mumbai

How do you describe October, Beer and Germany in a single word? A foodie barely gets it wrong. The Oktoberfest has not remained limited to Bavaria, Germany and this year I got a chance to be part of the Oktoberfest fever that gripped Mumbai’s bars and pubs.

True Tramm Trunk, Juhu served a special menu, through the October, as a tribute to the great festival of beer. The menu included some exquisite beer cocktails, specially crafted burgers, a wide selection of beers and beer platters.

We started with beer platters and each came in a crowd of three.


Kingfisher Draft – Still more than defaulter’s beer.

Bira Blonde

Hoegaarden – One of the great wheat beer.


Ace – An apple cider from White Owl’s. Sweeter than Side Car.

Spark – A Belgian beer with citrus notes.

Halcyon – A beer with banana and clove notes from White Owl’s.


Side Car – Apple cider from Gateway

White Zen – A Hefeweizen from the Gateway with clove and banana notes.

Doppelganger – A German dark beer with caramel malts.

Apart from a wide range of craft and draft beers, a noticeable addition to the Oktoberfest menu was beer cocktails.

Michelada: Beer cocktail with tomato juice and a blend of secret sauce. This tangy variant of a beer cocktail or Bloody Mary, in other words, were liked by many but failed to impress me.


Cuber: Beer cocktail with a right proportion of muddled cucumber was more like a cooler and had great refreshing potency.


Coronarita: Corona Served Upside down in a frozen margarita

Beer Bomb
Beer Bomb

Beer Bomb: Jägermeister and beer served in a glass inside a glass. Mix it or sip from both the glass together and with great care to get the best out of this beer cocktail.

With a great selection of beers, burgers become an inevitable accomplice. Out of total 6 burgers, half of them were vegetarian and all were accompanied by French fries and dips. All burgers were greasy and require utmost attention while eating not to end up being messy.

Asian Mushroom Tofu
Asian Mushroom Tofu

Asian Mushroom Tofu: A veg patty and tofu with mustard mayo oozing out. This was served with green colored slider bun and tartar dip.

Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan: A veg. patty with Sri Lankan spices packed in a desi pav. Came with Sri Lankan spiced dip.

French Chilli Corn Spinach
French Chilli Corn Spinach

French Chili Corn Spinach: Cream sautéed veg patty served in Burgle with tartar dip. Medium in size and requires expertise while eating. It can be very messy.


Country liquor inspired cocktail served in quarter bottles is USP to True Tramm Trunk. We got to taste most of the quirky selection and liked them too. The flavors included santra, gulab, saunf, tadi, gulkand, coconut, fenni, pawsar country, tharra, kesar kastoori to name a few.

I was invited by the FBAI and True Tramm Trunk to try the Oktoberfest menu.

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