The Ice-Cream Chemistry – Nice Kream, Powai, Mumbai

Why use liquid Nitrogen for making ice-cream. What’s the real use apart from being fad?

Well, let’s check some facts first. -196 C is the boiling point of liquid Nitrogen and forms a white cloud while evaporating. This very property makes it useful for instant ice-cream making.

The base content for the ice-cream freezes instantly without creating tiny ice crystals. This makes ice-cream made with liquid Nitrogen smoother than the slow freezing industrial or home ice-cream.

Nice Kream, Powai is only a couple of month young and exhibits itself as lab-made ice-cream. The ice-cream is made to order and prepared in front of us.


The ingredients for the ice-cream, base cream, flavors and toppings are mixed in a bowl and churned with a machine while adding liquid Nitrogen.

The final ice-cream is served with the selected sauce in a syringe.

We tried Nutella and Dark Belgian Chocolate with Belgian Chocolate Syringe.

Nutella Nice Kream
Nutella w/ choco chips, choco dip topping and Belgian chocolate syringe
Belgian dark chocolate
Nutella w/ choco chips, choco dip topping and Belgian chocolate syringe

The Nutella was undoubtedly good but the Dark Belgian Chocolate lacked the bitterness I was expecting. In terms of smoothness, I didn’t experience much difference between the conventionally made ones and this one may be because the ice-cream making process may have improved to a great extent.

The nuance is just limited to the fumes of Nitrogen! For my regular ice-cream consumption, I would stick to the usual ones or gelato at the best especially considering the prices.

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If you have a recommendation on something we should try on our next visit to Nice Kream, leave a comment below.

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