Start your day as French do @ Suzette, Powai, Mumbai

“Looks like dosa, does it taste the same?” I exclaimed, as a result of cascading Google search for Creperie and then Crepes.

Suzette is the first and only French café in the neighborhood and their third outlet in the city.

The small cafe dons decent and minimalistic interior with shelve of French books, Framed French Comic stripes and a couple of jars as a décor. Bulbs hanging from ceiling against a big mirror adorns the décor and is photography magnet. The sitting is little cramped with smaller than a usually sized tables. A word of caution on chairs, they become unstable with uneven handling. While it may not be an issue to adults, we saw an expat toddler falling down while trying to sit on it.

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The occupancy is a function of time and day you are visiting. Weekend mornings usually observes rush, mainly expats staying in the vicinity while on weekday mornings the café remains nearly empty.

We started with French Breakfast, a combination of a baguette with an option of butter and jam or Nutella, a croissant (in non-crescent shapeJ) and organic tea or coffee which we upgraded to a Dark Chocolate Banana Smoozie. We don’t much savor bread like baguette which comes with hard edges but this is the way European bread are. The flaky croissant was good too but we liked the Dark Chocolate Banana Smoozie the most in the breakfast order.

Dark Hot Chocolate
Dark Hot Chocolate

The much touted Dark Hot Chocolate was a predetermined order. While it has a good balance of bitterness of dark chocolate and sweetness, we felt it is little overhyped. The McDonald, McCafe variant is marginally better than this.



Liban was our maiden attempt to Crepes world. It came with a stuffing of hummus (obvious!), feta cheese, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes and was good in taste as well as in portion.

During the second visit, I stuck to just breakfast and tried Sweet Breakfast which is 4 mini crepes with 2 options of topping as Nutella, caramel, honey or jam along with small yoghurt and organic tea or coffee, which time I upgraded to Nutel’latte.

Mini crepes with toppings of Nutella and honey fulfils the daily dose of sugar along with satisfying your sweet tooth. The Nutel’latte came as a surprise! Haven for coffee and Nutella lovers. Make sure to stir it well else you will end up drinking a simple latte.

Now answering the question I started with, the similarity between crepes and our humble dosas are limited to just look. It very well ends here!

Must Try: Nutel’latte.

Suzette Creperie & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

If you have a recommendation on something we should try on our next visit to Suzette, leave a comment below.

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