Tao 9, Powai, Mumbai

Rating a delivery only outlet or rating only based on delivery is always a tough task. Delivering food always has its own perils. It lacks presentation, usually doesn’t have the right temperature and has added risk of delayed delivery.

This was the maiden experience with Tao 9 thanks to the recommendation of my wife and my office colleagues.

The Ordering: I had to call a couple of times to place the order. The first two attempts went unattended post the automatic response. The third attempt was a success with a person promptly completing the order taking formalities.

The Delivery: I was informed 50 min. delivery. It took a follow-up and almost an hour. Well, 10 min. of delay is acceptable but overall 50-60 min. of delivery time is quite high. For an outlet, entirely dependent on delivery, the quickness should be their forte to survive as the vicinity has a good number of Chinese/Oriental food joints in the competition.

The Eating: My order consisted Baby-corn Mongolian Five Spice, Veg. Pad Thai and Veg. Burnt Garlic Fried Rice.

Baby-corn Mangolian Five Spice
Babycorn Mangolian Five Spice

The Baby-corn Mongolian Five Spice was the baby-corn variant of Veg. Crispy and was better in taste.


Pad Thai
Pad Thai


Pad Thai was quite a disappointment. First, the flat noodles were broken and not long enough as it should be. Second, the condiments out-proportioned to the flat noodles making the taste of the base ingredient, the flat noodles, getting hidden. Last, the strong taste of tamarind and soy sauce (not sure if they use it or it was because of some other ingredient) was running the entire dish.


Burnt Garlic Rice
Burnt Garlic Rice


BG Rice was satisfactory. The rice was dry enough, non-sticky and had a perfect balance of the burnt garlic taste.

Next time, I would like to attempt for Make Your Own Wok Box.

The VFM Quotient: Rs. ~500/- for 2 for a vegetarian meal. The portion of all food items was satisfactory.

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