An evening with Reveilo

“Appears to be a new entrant!”, was my reaction when I got an invitation call for an exclusive wine tasting event by Reveilo wines. A quick search on the internet was enough to change my notion.

The brand was established in 2002 and has around 215 acres of vineyards. In the Indian wine market, dominated by wines made from French grapes, Reveilo distinguishes itself with an exclusive range of estate wines made from Italian grapes along with various other range made from prominent French varieties.

While French grapes produce wines which are bold, dry and heavy on a palate, the Italian ones are easy, more suitable to Indian palate and good for pairing with Indian food.

What can be a better venue for a wine tasting event than Pali Village Café! Want to know why? Check it out here…

Ruben Pinto, a wine expert from Reveilo was our host for the evening. He helped us understand the nitty-gritty of wine making, answered our most basic questions and helped clear-out undue complexity associated with wines.

We started with Grillo, a medium bodied white wine, also known as mafia wine for it is made from the variety of grapes originated in Sicily. With a blend of citrus, lemon, orange and grapefruit, this easy going wine is best suited for any occasion.


Next in line was Chardonnay Reserve, a white wine. 9 months aging in French oak barrel gives birth to a great wine which has intense vanilla taste followed by fruity flavors.

Always the best companion
Always the best companions

In reds, Nero D’ Avola, another mafia wine, has a strong fruity aroma and spicy taste of pepper and cinnamon. This young wine is a good companion to enhance the taste of lightly flavored food. Similar to Nero D’ Avalo, the Tuscany variety Sangiovese too had a balanced spicy and fruity aroma with fulfilling taste.

The show-stopper for the evening was Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, 2012 vintage, made from French grapes and aged in French oak barrel. It is indeed a heavy and intense wine which fills the palate with a taste of berries and spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon.


That marked an end to the fine wine tasting event but it doesn’t end here. We would love to try the Late Harvest Chenin Blanc from the Dessert Range.

For the Love of Food Recommends:

  • Grillo: Occasion or no occasion, with or without food, this easy going white wine suits every mood.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve: An aged red that can be considered for special occasions.

Find out more about Reveilo Wines and their wine range here…

I was invited by Reveilo Wines for the wine tasting session.

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