In search for the best #LIIT

With a mixture of 5 white spirits and a dash of cola, a glass or two of an LIIT is sufficient to lift your spirit. This is an attempt to discover the best LIITs and its variants Mumbai has to offer.

Pop Tate’s

Pop Tate’s always has a special mention when it comes to an LIIT because this is the place where I first encountered LIIT only to become a fan of it.

“U will be amazed…” is what they say with 6 variants of LIITs ranging from classic to flavored to their signature Love Potion and Use UR Illusion LIIT.

The United Sports Bar & Grill

One of the widest range of LIITs on the menu, starting from the classic to their signature Bloody LIIT, quirky Thandai LIIT and the mother of all LIITs, the United 11.

Along with the 5 whites(Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila and Tripple Sec) used for the classic LIIT, United 11 has following 6 more spirits…

  • Antiquity Blue (Whisky)
  • Captain Morgan (Rum)
  • Southern Comfort
  • Coffee Liquor (Kahlua or other)
  • Almond Liquor
  • Banana Liquor

These are mixed with a generous quantity of Apple, Orange and Pineapple juice and topped with Grenadine or Pomegranate Syrup to give deep red color. The reason why it was previously called Red Devil under the brand Manchester United Cafe & Bar.


Long Island Ice Freeze (LIIT)
Long Island Ice Freeze (LIIT)

Long Island Ice Freeze, the LIIT variant at Hoppipola is a blend of 5 whites (rum, vodka, tequila, gin and orange liquor) along with cola and is potent enough to quickly give a buzz on an empty stomach. The presentation of LIIT in a bucket of dry ice, I felt was needless. LIIT should is best served in a tall and transparent glass.

Harry’s Bar + Cafe


With a standard combination of 5 whites and a dash of cola, LIIT was good. Not the most potent I have ever had but didn’t disappoint me either. Rather than tall cocktail glass, this one was served in a jar and makes it visually different from others.

Stay tuned for more!

If you have a recommendation on some of the great LIITs I should try and include here, kindly drop a comment below.

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