Masala 360, Vadodara

Being most near to our meeting point for friends get-together, Masala 360 came as an obvious choice. We were group of 9 and decided to go with the unlimited ‘Live Bar Be Que’ to spare ourselves from typical ‘what-to-eat?’ decision making.

The restaurant was occupied with only one table when we reached even during the festival evening. This was an indication of what is coming.

The ambiance is average, so is service. The staff is friendly but yet to reach to a level to be called professionals. The service was quick but mainly because of we gong with an unlimited menu of the day.

The oddly named ‘Live Bar Be Que’ unlimited option had, in fact, nothing to do with barbecue. It came with unlimited soup, starters of 2 types (Veg. Manchurian and Hara Bhara Kabab), Vegetables of 2 types (Paneer Toofani and Mix Veg. Handi), Dal Tadka and rice. Papad and ice-cream were limited, though. Soups and starters were good, but rest of the items were not up to the mark. These all came at dirt cheap rate of Rs. 175/- per person.

Hara Bhara Kabab
Hara Bhara Kabab
Veg. Machurian
Veg. Manchurian

This yet another budget family restaurant turned out to be just another restaurant.

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