American food on a platter: The All American Diner, Lavasa

The moment you step inside this place, you instantly get transferred to the rock-n-roll era. Chequered tile floor, jade walls, red furniture along with posters of American classic cars and rock stars adds their due share to the retro feel.


The restaurant is housed in the hotel The Water Front Shaw right at the promenade. If you are staying at this hotel, inadvertently you will end up at this place for breakfast.

Quick and friendly service along with courteous staff is a pure complement to the food they offer.

The have the most comprehensive menu serving American food. Right from Burgers and fries to sausages, decker sandwiches and salads to name a few. The breakfast served includes all cuisines from Indian to Continental. The spread is good enough in varieties with satisfactory taste. Have dinner anywhere, at the promenade, among plenty of choices but don’t miss to end your day with sumptuous desserts offered here.

Recommendations: Peanut Butter Malt (185++), a must try for peanut butter lovers. Brownie Blast (215++) for those who want sinful indulgence.

Peanut Butter Malt
Peanut Butter Malt
Brownie Blast
Brownie Blast

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