Burger King, Viviana Mall, Thane

Expectations were high and time was less when I approached BK. Selection took quite a while as this was the first experience but eventually the menu turned out to be a cousin of other burger serving QSRs namely McD and KFC.

Service was quick but not quick enough for extra marks.

My order, Paneer King Melt Combo (Rs. 159++) and Veg. Stripes (Rs. 45++). The combo included fries and Pepsi.

Paneer King Melt burger was good in size, good in taste but not a great one. Paneer lovers can better have McSpicy Paneer. Definitely not as great as burgers of Dunkin Donuts and More.

Fries and Veg. Stripes were again good but inferior in taste to their counterpart of McD and KFC respectively

Veg. Whopper looked appealing with whooping size. Didn’t get a chance to try it so it’s first my checklist with other burgers and beverages to try at BK.

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