On Demand Food: Faaso’s and Box 8

The striking similarities in almost every manner, except the service (more on which, below) leaves little room for writing a dedicated review for each.


  • are food delivery startups with around 3-4 years of history.
  • has mobile application.
  • has similar if not same menu.

Let’s start with the mobile applications. If you are interested in food and service, please jump to the respective section below.


Both applications tries to impress with highly styled, highly propped food images. Navigation and workflow are so similar, it seems both has been developed using the same underlying framework/platform. (This is for Android App.)

Faaso's and Box 8 Landing page
Faaso’s and Box 8 Landing page
Similar navigation in Faaso's and Box 8
Similar navigation and workflow in Faaso’s and Box 8

Both the app has payment options in cash and in card with Faaso’s integrating online wallet services too.

Box 8 app offers a little more filtering options than Faaso’s to make your search easier.

Delivery location area is auto selected in both the apps but still it is equally frustrating to finalize the delivery location with Faaso’s going overboard on auto assigning a wrong location.

Don’t rely on the online tracking of both the application. They are useless.


Faaso’s has much to learn here. The experience was a complete mess. The application, despite auto suggesting the location, took a wrong location of Andheri instead of Mulund. Got a call from Andheri outlet to cancel the order and initiated refund which may take 7 days. The lady who called was not even ready to transfer the order to Mulund outlet stating the most absurd reason as not having the phone number of the Mulund outlet. Finally I had to give-up.

After 15 mins, got a call from their area manager that the order will be passed on to the Mulund outlet. Got a confirmation call from Mulund outlet as well and finally order arrived in another 45 mins just to continue the Faaso’s legacy. The order was wrong! Finally I had to return and cancel the order.

As a damage control, received an apology call from their representative and he offered my order on the house.

I appreciate the damage control measure but it shouldn’t have occurred at first place.

Never expected Box 8 to deliver my order in ~28 minutes. On time, no mistakes. Impressed!


Here the fight is neck and neck with Faaso’s offering a little more options than Box8.


Wraps taste fresh and are less greasy. The whole wheat option is an added advantage. Relatively new addition Daal Makhani and Lachha Paratha is a good if not great combo to try.

Faaso's Wrap

Dal Makhani and Paratha Combo
Dal Makhani and Paratha Combo

Box 8:

Wraps are more filled and tastes good. Meal combos with rice or Paratha option are again restricted to good and fails to extend to great.

Combo's, Wrap, Ice Tea and Mung Daal Halwa
Combo’s, Wrap, Ice Tea and Mung Daal Halwa


The fight is neck and neck in almost all aspects i.e ordering, food options and taste with service being a huge difference maker.

All app images/screenshots used are copyright of their respective owners, Faaso’s and Box 8.

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