Alfredo’s, Viviana Mall, Thane

Supposed to one of the promising Italian fare outlet @Viviana, Alfredo’s is surely above par for food but leaves a lot of room for improvement in service.

Nice decor, ambiance and spacious seating, especially the central sofa arrangement.

Alfredo's Interior
In food we ordered Roasted Tomato Garlic Pepper Soup, Pepper and Olive Hot Bruschetta, Penne Vodka, Lasagna Florentine in vegetarian along with some non-vegetarian fare for our friends. None of the items disappoint us. Our poultryvorous friends appreciated the veg. order as much as the non-veg one. Lasagna was little extra cheesy and was in good quantity. Pasta was great too but a single bread served with it do not meet the purpose as usually there are more than one person sharing the plate.

Pepper and Olive Hot Bruschetta
Pepper and Olive Hot Bruschetta
Penne Vodka
Penne Vodka
Lasagna Florentine
Lasagna Florentine

Service was extremely slow and lacked promptness. We even heard person on next table raising concern over delay in serving his order. I can’t stop myself from asking, why so serious? Wear a smile at least. That’s half of your job done. All the staff including a manager like lady were damn serious.

I would still like to visit the outlet again for food with high expectation of improved service.

Visited: February, 2015

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