Domino’s Chef’s Inspiration Pizzas

There are only 4 pizzas in the new range. 2 each in veg. and non-veg. We tried both in veg. namely, Roman Veg. Supreme and Milan Veg. Fantasy.

The exotic Roman Veg Supreme instantly transformed into ordinary with absence of the so called prime ingredient, Broccoli. This was compensated by red and yellow bell peppers. These pizzas come with what they call an Italian crust is a midway arrangement between the regular thick crust and a true thin crust.

Milan Veg. Fantacy
Roman Veg. Supreme

Pizza fails to impress with the presence of typical Domino’s Pizza aroma and taste. I would prefer adding a 100 bucks more and have a great pizza at some known Italian restaurant. If I have to absolutely go for Domino’s Pizza then I would any time prefer the Cheese Burst over these new range. At least it does not try to impersonate itself as an Italian.

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