Le Pain Quotidien, Powai, Mumbai

With name, not so easy to pronounce, LPQ is one of the few eating joints where you find foreigners more than Indians.

Located on the first floor of Rodas, LPQ has 2 entrances and an outdoor as well as indoor sitting, where the former renders non-preferable in Mumbai summer.

The wooden furniture gives the ambiance a classy look. Prefer seats near to windows, especially in evenings.

We went on Saturday noon to have late morning breakfast and lunch. Our order was,
Bakers Basket (195++), a big basket of almost all type of breads they make. Quantity is large. Good for 4 people. Too much for 2. Stick to bread basket served with main course unless you are very fond of European breads. Edges of the almost all the breads were quite chewy. It may be the way European breads are but surely avoidable for me. You also get some jams/spreads along with Bakers basket. Ask for butter and chocolate spread. It is kept on the community table but for others it’s ask or miss! My expectation is, they should at least inform about availability to first timers like me. Pancake (225++), good in taste but could have been better if served with butter and honey or maple syrup. Waffle (275++) served with Belgian chocolate syrup was undoubtedly the best I have had in recent times. Watermelon Cooler (175++) was strictly OK! Veg Stroganoff (450++) turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Watermelon Cooler
Waffle with Belgian chocolate syrup
Pancake with blueberry compote
Veg. Stroganoff with rice

Total hole in my pocket was ~1800/- including whopping ~400/- for taxes. It is absurd to say ‘the place is not at all costly.’, but the quality, taste and ambiance sort of justifies the higher prices. Service is quick and satisfactory.

Food and ambiance surely tempts to visit again and again but prices act just the opposite.

Recommendations: Pancake, Waffle, Veg. Stroganoff.

Visited: June, 2015

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