Stone Oven, Mulund (W), Mumbai

Probably Mulund’s first and only dedicated Italian/Mexican restaurant.

Location: Tucked along a paan shop and in front of a car show-room, location lacks any sort of charm. Car parking is non-existent as the entire stretch is full of cars from the nearby garages and car showroom.

Ambiance: Tiny! Only 5/6 tables, sun-blinds separating the footpath and the restaurant, no A/C and a couple of floor fans give an impression of a makeshift arrangement. Ambiance is dark and cleanliness is questionable as we were constantly struggling to save our legs from mosquito bites.

Food: We started with Garlic Bread Supreme (Rs. 150/-) which is a combination of 3 types of bread. We liked the combination and taste. We then had Stone Oven Special Sizzler (Rs. 250/-) which was full of black peppers enough to kill the taste of other ingredients. This more resembled a trial and error recipe and is completely avoidable. Panna Cota (Rs. 120/-) marked an end to our meal. Again, not impressive.

Garlic Bread Supreme
Stone Oven Special Sizzler
Panna Cota

Service: Fast, attributed to us being the sole occupant of the tiny restaurant.

Value for Money: Low. Yes, prices are low but the ambiance and food fails to impress due to questionable cleanliness and taste and quality of food.

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