Unusual name, unusual food – Mirchi and Mime, Powai, Mumbai

The unusually named restaurant brings two unusual things to Powai. One, their USP of differently able wait staff and an excellent North Indian food which the neighborhood always lacked.

My visit to the place was inspired by their USP and backed by a whopping 4.9 rating on Zomato, which I conveniently and wrongly assumed should be largely out of sympathy.

Having failed to get reservation in the previous week, this time we booked a day earlier for a group of 11.

Location: Located on the Lake Boulevard Road, the restaurant is easily approachable from JVLR and from inside of Hiranandani. They have valet parking and cars are parked on the opposite ground.


Ambiance: Well lit, is the first word that comes to my mind. With European styled windows on one side and decoratives on the opposite, the ambiance is contemporary and classy. Seats are noticeably comfortable.

Food: With a large but single paged menu, relatively low number of varieties (reducing further for vegetarians) may disappoint in first place but the taste, quality and aesthetics of the food compensates for it greatly. The ingredients in use make the dishes above par with run of the mill north Indian food.

Waterchestnut & Corn Tikki
Paneer Seekh Kabab
Broccoli Masala Soup
Kaffir Rasam

Some of the let downs related to their policies…
They don’t serve soup in 1/2. It’s more about being heavy on stomach than about being heavy on pocket.

There are pre-fix meal option but the entire table must opt for that. Fine! but a weird catch is that the entire table has to opt either veg. or non-veg. option. You can’t order veg. pre-fix meal for some and non veg. for others.

In our veg. order, I liked Broccoli Masala Soup (185++), Waterchestnut & Cork Tikki (185++) and Nilgiri Makhana Curry (275++), try only if you are ok with very spicy curry.

Berry Pom Granita
Berry Pom Granita

Service: Clayton, seemed to be manager there, started with explaining the concept behind Mirchi and Mine and added that he will be there for us as we were a large group. Interacting with differently able-ed, even with sign language, is surely a task in itself but give you a hint of what they have been facing day-in and day-out.

Soups, starters and mock-tails was quick to arrive even with repeated orders. Main course took much more than due time.

Value for money: With 11 people in the group, the bill totaled to ~ Rs. 6700/-, that is ~600/- pp, including 15% corporate discount and all taxes and charges.

This place is undoubtedly a nice North Indian food option in the neighborhood even if I separate mime from the Mirchi.

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